Another day and another national publication has released their version of their top prospect list. This morning it was Baseball Prospectus who released their Top 101 prospects list, which you can read for free right here. For the Cincinnati Reds, their showing on the list was the worst that they’ve seen among the other lists this offseason. Only their 2019 1st round draft pick, Nick Lodolo, made the list. The left-handed starter came in at #59 overall.

Hunter Greene has joined Nick Lodolo on the other lists, coming in as high as #53 on the MLB Pipeline list. But he fell off of the list at Baseball Prospectus. The year he was drafted he debuted on the Baseball Prospect list at #39. After the 2018 season in which he tore his UCL he dropped to the #75 spot on the list. Despite not pitching in 2019 he then fell off of the list. That feels a little bit strange. But, the crew at Baseball Prospectus doesn’t ask for my opinion, either.

The National League Central, much like in the other rankings, didn’t exactly stand out. The Reds have Nick Lodolo on the list. The Milwaukee Brewers were shut out on the list. Chicago had four players, but only one in the Top 50, and he came in at #41. The Pirates have three players on the list, but none higher than #53. The Cardinals had the best showing, and it’s a good one at that – landing three players on the list, and all in the top 50, with two in the top 25.

Tyler Stephenson ranks as the 17th best catching prospect

Baseball America is now releasing their Top 20 Prospects at each position lists. Today they unveiled the Top 20 catchers list and Tyler Stephenson comes in at #17 overall on the list. That’s up from where he ranked last year, which was 29th. The list went to 35 after the 2018 season. Only the top nine catchers on the list made the Baseball America Top 100. That means that Tyler Stephenson wasn’t particularly close to cracking the list.

10 Responses

  1. RojoBenjy

    Well—he’s going to be a stud.

    Can’t wait to see him in Cincy.

  2. rgslone

    Doug, I know that you probably haven’t had a chance to see the other minor league catchers on the list much, but based on whatever information is available to you, where would you put Stephenson on that list?

    • MuddyCleats

      Good question – I have same question about Lodolo? Kid is a little thin; is he a power pitcher or more of a crafty LH?

      • Oldtimer

        I don’t know about Lodolo but Chris Sale is skinny as a rail but a power pitcher.

  3. BK

    Not arguing it was the wrong move, but I was very surprised to see Jose Siri DFA, today. Siri seemed to rebound in the DWL towards the end of the season. It will be very interesting to see if another team claims him and takes a chance on Siri’s 5-tool talent.

    Alternatively, Jankowski (out of options), Payton (Rule 5 pick), and Schebler (out of options) were all retained even though all must make the 26-man roster or lose their 40-man roster spots in just 3 short months.

    • Michael E

      Ugh, I have NO idea why they’re keeping Payton or Schebler. Disgusting. These guys are nothing-burgers now. I can see Jankowski, speed, OF, late innings, pinch runner all sorts of things, but not Payton or Schebler. NO CHANCE Payton breaks spring with team and he’ll be forced offered back to original team for peanuts.

      I’d rather keep Siri, option him to minors for the year and then see what we have. Include him in a trade at the deadline if necessary.

      I think they hope to get him through waivers, but no way the low-revenue teams pass on a chance at lottery pick upside for free.

      • Doug Gray

        Disgusting? That feels like a bit of an overreaction doesn’t it?

  4. Big Dan

    Does any one else smell a possible conspiracy??? I for one, think so! Case solved, in my mind

  5. Ryan

    Doesn’t make much of a difference, does it? Unless the Reds intend to soar past their previous high in payroll in order to obtain a star SS, its almost irrelevant.

    The Free Agent signings have given the farm a year to grow. Could very well see next years list have 5 top 100 guys with all but 1(Greene) having substantial time in AA or AAA. India will rocket up these list and Garcia and Stephenson very well could as well.

    The Reds at the deadline will be realistically looking at SS and possibly RP. Its not going to take top 100 guys to pry loose a Marcus Siemien(very likely to regress to an average player) or Villar. Same goes for middle relief. Santillan(+ a could likely headline a meaningful deadline trade and they would keep their main assets intact.