Cincinnati Reds top prospect Hunter Greene is back on the mound. For the first time since having Tommy John surgery in April of 2019, the right-handed pitcher was throwing off of the mound – throwing a bullpen session in Goodyear on Tuesday afternoon. Greene shared some video of that on his instagram feed.

As was noted last week, VP of Player Development Shawn Pender said that games were likely for Hunter Greene in mid-to-late May in extended spring training, and then he could join either Dayton or Daytona depending on where they felt was the best fit for him at the time. It was also noted that he would piggy-back with another starting pitcher and throw limited innings per start during the 2020 season.

In his recovery, Hunter Greene has remade his mechanics. As he’s loading, look at his pitching arm. The right arm does not straighten out and “lock” into a straight line. Watch the video below of Greene throwing in The Futures Game as he loads his arm. He “locks” his arm out into a straight line, so-to-speak, before then coming forward in his motion.

To better illustrate it, I have taken stills from the video that Hunter Greene posted on instagram and from The Futures Game outing at the point that his arm is the “straightest” in his load. The difference is very clear.

Now, it’s worth noting that in one of these clips Hunter Greene is going all out, and in the other one that almost certainly isn’t the case. But we can also look at older video of Greene pre-surgery simply tossing and that “locked” arm action is still there. Here’s a clip for anyone who would like to see it.

Greene has mechanics now that have shortened his arm path and eliminated that “locking” spot in his load. Anthony DeSclafani used to also get to that point in his mechanics (see this video from 2016 for example). He began to shorten his arm path quite a bit in 2019, too, getting to this point near the end of last season.

We’re still a few months away from seeing Hunter Greene back on the mound in game settings. But for the first time in nearly 12 months he’s back on a mound and throwing a baseball. And his mechanics are quite a bit different than they were at that time, too.

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  1. Sell the Team

    Hunter Green is a ticking time bomb. A wasted draft pick. He should be moved as soon as possible before his arm explodes permanently. Look at all of the prospects the Reds good have taken before choosing “Time Bomb Hunter” #2 overall. Gore, Adell, Kyle Wright, Hiura? All would be better off helping this team compete not wasting team finances and time in permanent medical.

    • KyWilson1

      Aren’t we all just ticking time bombs? He’s 20, uber talented, and fixing his mechanics to hopefully better his chances at a long career. Add in that modern medicine is pretty incredible, I like his chances.

    • Big Ed

      Stop. You may as well lament that the Reds took Mike Leake instead of Mike Trout, or that in 1976, when the Athletics took Rickey Henderson with the 96th pick, the Reds with the 95th pick had taken a New York shortstop who never got above A-ball.

      Or you could realize that the Dodgers in 2015 drafted Walker Buehler, who almost immediately had TJ surgery as he was just turning 21. Buehler made it to Dodgers by the end of 2017, and has done pretty well.

      Or you could see from the video above what Derek Johnson and staff are doing with him to help prevent future injury, and how Greene is accepting their coaching. All of which is better than randomly bashing a 20-year-old as a “ticking time bomb.”

      • Oldtimer

        Johnny Bench was the 8th catcher picked in 1965 draft.

    • Steve

      I hope this is an intentional troll job and not a sincere comment

  2. vahtoe

    Is a “locked arm” mechanic associated with any kind of injury? Or is this unrelated to his injury?

    • Doug Gray

      I haven’t seen it being linked to arm injuries, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not. Very little is universally linked to arm injuries in terms of mechanics.

  3. Rwhj

    I’d give Hunter the Kyle Lohse leg dive that all the Cardinals pitchers were doing back then. Think it would help him from over extending and whip hurting his arm again. Good luck kid stay healthy!

  4. Brad

    The only negative to Hunter Greene is that he waited until last minute to sign and probably cost Reds signing of Tommy Mace out of HS. Mace projected as a 1-2 round pick out of Florida this year.

    • AirborneJayJay

      I get what you are saying, but it wasn’t so much the time issue as it was a money issue. Greene signed for a full slot amount signing bonus at #2 overall. Senzel, India and Lodolo all signed under slot of the signing bonus. Even if the Reds had some extra time to sign Mace, they didn’t have any money left to sign him to buy out his college commitment to UF. They would have had to pay Mace late first round/CB-A round or early second round money to lure him away from college. They just didn’t have any of their slot money left to do that. Greene’s desire to sign for a record bonus outweighed any desire his reps had to help out the Reds.

    • Oldtimer

      Greene had a good agent. Got him the maximum by waiting until the last seconds.

      If he never pitches in MLB at all, he is a multi-millionaire for life.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    The two still photographs from the rear side are very telling. Look where the ball is in each photo. In the Futures Game photo the ball in his hand drops low behind the knee where a batter can get a glimpse of the grip he has on the ball, therefore tipping his pitch. In the newer video and photo, Greene is “hiding” the ball better behind his thigh and not letting a batter get a glimpse of his grip. Better mechanics, yes. Good learning lesson there, Don’t tip your pitches.

  6. MK

    I was at a clinic with Mel Stottelmyre (Sic) where he stressed keeping the shoulder parallel to the ground. Looks like Hunter has done this. According to Mel they attempted to do this with Doc Golden as well.

    • Reaganspad

      He used to come to the Pete Ward baseball clinic in Portland when I was in little league. Pete Rose came also. I had a Pete Rose autographed mitt. I was a catcher that year and it was 1970. Mel was great but Pete was even more fun for me as a kid.

      Been a Reds fan ever since.

  7. DaveCT

    Zac Weiss and Ty Boyles signed with Cleveland. Too bad about Weiss, as he had some great seasons before injury. Hope he gets healthy.

  8. randall hockenbury

    Worst case scenario he moves to shortstop or some other position besides pitcher. He was a projected top 5 pick as an infielder coming out of high school. A 102 mph fastball was just too enticing to take him off the mound. He’s still 20 years old and will be eased back into action this year. His 2021 season is the make or break year. Patience.

  9. MBS

    Getting Greene back on track would be great. Lodolo in 2021, Greene in 2022 could be fun.

  10. Charles Lackey

    All Reds fans are eager for the 2020 season to begin after the years of being last in the standings. To get Hunter Greene back in form and join the Reds in the next year or 2 would be great. Reds Front Office have to obtain upgrades at catcher, SS, very soon at first, always need pitching starters and bullpen. 2020 is to be a step toward getting to the top and as one Red fan I sure hope it is. Ever since the Dusty Baker days ended the Reds have gone down year by year in the standings. If there isn’t a big turn around in 2020 why in the world would the fans keep coming to GABP?