At the end of May, Cincinnati Reds top prospect Hunter Greene shared video of himself working on pitches with one of the Reds starters – Trevor Bauer. Greene noted that he had spent the last two days working with Bauer on his secondary offerings. The right-handed Greene is coming back from Tommy John surgery (April, 2019). In that time he rebuilt his mechanics, showing them off for the first time from the mound in spring training. Right before the baseball world shut down, VP of Player Development Shawn Pender said the plan for the young righty was to start pitching in games around the start of June. That obviously didn’t happen. And with no minor league season, it may not happen at all in 2020. Greene is currently not in the Reds 60-man player pool, which will be the only chance he’d had to pitch in games this year.

But, that hasn’t stopped him, or others, from finding ways to get work in – just in different situations than games. Greene has been doing plenty of work in his home town, but also spent a short amount of time in Arizona where he worked with Bauer. This week, the Reds starting pitcher talked a bit about the short amount of time he spent with Greene and what he saw.

“I saw that, an inquisitive mind, someone who asked questions and listens,” said Bauer. “He wants to be as good as he can be – someone who has a lot he can learn. It’s super exciting when that’s the case given his skillset and his natural ability.”

That natural ability is something we aw in action a few weeks ago when Hunter Greene hit 102 MPH in a bullpen session. If you wondered how he had recovered from the surgery and how his new mechanics were working – you got your answer right there.

“I actually think he’s going to throw harder, probably now, than he did before. More repeatable, probably recover better and be healthier,” Bauer said of Greene.

That would certainly be something, given that before the injury, Greene would routinely throw in the upper 90’s and touch triple digits often. It’s not just Trevor Bauer that had good things to say about the organizations top prospect, though. Pitching Coordinator Kyle Boddy spoke with Fangraphs David Laurila on Sunday and gushed about the slider that Greene was showing.

His breaking ball is unbelievable,” crowed Boddy. “I think that’s going to be a big eye opener for some scouts who had seen him. The report on Hunter is that he throws 100, and his fastball has a little bit of life, but his breaking ball isn’t a plus pitch. That’s very far from the truth right now. Hunter’s slider is truly a plus-plus pitch.

102? Plus-plus slider? That usually works out for a pitcher.

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  1. CP

    Love this! Information like this leaves me baffled why the Reds have not included Hunter in the 60 man roster. I know they left a few spots open, but he is missing valuable time with coaching right this second. I just don’t see the strategic advantage of leaving him off….

    • Randy in Chatt

      Completely agree. What are the chances that he would actually pitch in a ML game this year being the #57, #58, #59 or #60 guy on the roster? Anyone for that matter. I would place him over a journeyman BP pitcher who may have some upper minors or ML experience, who may or may not pitch this season.
      Put him on the 60 man, allow him to be recognized by the Reds as someone worthy of the spot. Allow him to pitch under watchful eyes of great coaches. Gain experience. It is a no-brainier to me. Shocked he wasn’t part of the original 60 man. Hopefully they add him soon.
      Come on Reds, give him one of those open spots! The benefits could be immense!!!

      • Billy

        I could see them waiting to see who gets cut from the various summer camps. If there’s anything there that strikes their interest, they pounce on that. If there are still spaces left, then you bring Greene in. Primary concern is to get the 2020 team set. Once that is figured out, and you see how much Covid is affecting teams, then you have room to add players who you didn’t figure would be part of things at the beginning of the season. At least that’s a possible explanation.

  2. Jim Delaney

    Reds hope to contend in 2020 they probably have made decision that Greene cant help them this year. They maybe leaving the 3 open spots to give them flexibility if they make any deals to increase chance to make playoffs. There are still concerns about the offense and bullpen and if the virus or an injury hits them with a couple key
    players they may need to make move quickly. Totally fine with having some flexibility with remaining 3 spots…

  3. Bred

    102 and ++slider I would say put him on the 60 man and see what happens. If he has control and command, why not use him in relief this year and build up to be a starter next year in AAA and bring him up mid season. I doubt he’d pull a Chapman. The FO can’t be worried about his clock because service time may be different with the new CBA after 2021.

  4. DaveCT

    This report tells me as much or more about Trevor Bauer as Hunter Greene. Bauer continues to remind me of Bronson Arroyo like that, being a good teammate and mentor. Being a stand up guy. Clubhouses need leadership and intangibles.