Mark Kolozsvary tried to give everyone a sneak peak in spring training when he homered off of Shane Bieber on the backfields in Goodyear of what was coming. That’s reigning Cy Young Award winner and current American League strikeout leader Shane Bieber. We probably should have all listened a little bit closer.

Once the minor league season began things just started looking different than the past few years. Now in Double-A, the catcher went off for the Lookouts in the first two-and-a-half weeks of the season. He was hitting .349/.417/.674 with 10 extra-base hits in 12 games in the Double-A South. Known for his defense, Kolozsvary was now hitting like an MVP. That combination of skill and performance got him a call to participate in “training camp” with Team USA as they headed into qualifying for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

There were only two players who were invited that were going to be cut before the qualifying began in the Americas bracket. Mark Kolozsvary was not one of those two players and for Team USA that was a very smart decision as he turned out to be the best hitter on the team.

There were only four games played and Team USA won all of them as they qualified for trip to Tokyo. Mark Kolozsvary played in all four of them. He went 5-12 (.417) with a double, two home runs, two walks, was hit by two pitches, posted a .588 on-base percentage, and he slugged 1.000. He led Team USA in home runs, walks, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, and he was second on the team in both average and runs scored (5).

Quick Minor League Notes

Rece Hinds hasn’t played in five days

It’s been five days since Rece Hinds was last on the field in Daytona. The Reds 7th rated prospect singled in the 1st inning for the Tortugas on June 2nd, but he was replaced on defense when the 2nd inning began. Daytona broadcaster Justin Rocke noted that it appeared the trainer was looking at his leg in the dugout. Hinds missed the next four games.

It’s been a tough road for Daytona who has had multiple injuries this season. Tyler Callihan, Austin Hendrick, and Christian Roa – all Reds top 10 prospects – are currently on the injured list.

Alejo Lopez just keeps going

When you look at the leaderboard for the Cincinnati Reds farm system you’ll find Alejo Lopez at the top in a few categories. He leads the system in plate appearances by a wide margin – he’s had 26 more trips to the plate than anyone else. He’s got 47 hits. Only Brian Ray has 30 (he has 32). Lopez leads the organization with 12 doubles. The switch htiter also has the best strikeout-to-walk ratio, sporting a 17-to-12 mark in the category. He’s also tops in both average (.388) and on-base percentage (.475).

13 Responses

  1. CP

    Good to see there’s another catcher in the system that could pair with T. Stephenson if they don’t keep Tucker around long term

  2. MK

    Do we know whether Kolozsvary went to one of the outside hitting gurus, that have become popular, in the off-season?

    • RojoB

      He was at Prasco in 2020, wasn’t he? Did it click then?

    • DaveCT

      Maybe he’s using a sticky substance on his hands

  3. Brent

    How much have Kolozsvary and Lopez changed their prospect profiles in the first months of the season?

    I dont think either were on your latest top 25, would you have both of them on now? If so, what range?

    • Matthew O'Neal

      Looking at Doug’s current 25, Hendrix and Gutierrez will “graduate” by the midseason update, so there’s 2 freed up spots right there. At least the 1st pick should be put up relatively high, and with 2 picks in the 30s, maybe they will be, too.
      I think O’Brien should move up some, and Johnson, Bonnin, and Boyle should probably fall off. I could see moving Lopez up higher and just having Kolozsvary sneak in, but I’d probably put both in the 20ish range. Move Kolozsvary up higher at the offseason list if he has continued success throughout the rest of the year.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        I’d prefer Barrero/India with Lopez getting the Kyle Farmer at bats rotating around the diamond to give guys days off.

      • Jefferson Green

        I he’d the same though, so I looked up Lopez’ fielding history. Over six minor league seasons he has played SS in just 11 games, making six errors. That tells me that the organization doesn’t see him as a SS candidate and that he has struggled when out there.

  4. MK

    Is Hinds becoming Senzel II. Great talent but unable to stay on the field.

    • RojoB

      He will be when the Reds start messing up his swing LOL

      • DaveCT

        And completely changing his position in the field in his rookie year.

      • RojoB

        yes, DaveCT, Reds need more outfielders and second basemen