The move isn’t technically official yet, but sources have confirmed that Hunter Greene has been promoted by the Cincinnati Reds from Double-A Chattanooga to Triple-A Louisville. Greene essentially confirmed that he’s leaving Chattanooga this morning, too, tweeting out that he wanted to thank everyone in Chattanooga for a great experience and for taking care of him.

Things couldn’t have gone much better for Hunter Greene in the Double-A South. The 21-year-old made seven starts and posted a 1.98 ERA for the Lookouts. He threw 41.0 innings, allowed just 27 hits, walked 14 batters, and he struck out 60. His ERA was 4th lowest in the league, he was 2nd in innings pitched, led the league in strikeouts, was 5th in WHIP, and 4th in batting average against.

In only one start did he allow more than two earned runs and that came on a 3-run home run with two outs in the 7th inning of a game his team was winning 11-0 at the time. He also struck out 10 batters with just one walk in that outing that he picked up the win in. He was rather consistent with his strikeout totals. Greene struck out seven batters once, eight batters three times, nine batters once, and 10 batters twice. Fun fact: He has not faced a hitter that is younger than he is all season long. Another fun fact: You can watch his last start right here where he struck out nine batters.

The hitters in Double-A didn’t tend to provide Hunter Greene with much of a challenge on a consistent basis. Hitters had a .186/.272/.262 line against him on the year. Righties had a .202/.297/.270 line, while lefties hit .161/.230/.250 against him. Neither group was able to do much of anything as he struck out 37% of the hitters he faced while on the mound for the Lookouts. We don’t know if guys in Triple-A will provide much more to challenge him as they’ve still got to face off against a guy averaging over 100 MPH with his fastball each game and a plus slider in the low-90’s while mixing in a change up. But in theory the guys in Triple-A should be better hitters than the guys in Double-A. That should give the 21-year-old more things that he will need to learn and adjust to as a pitcher.

The Bats will be on the road next week, so unless you plan on driving to Omaha to watch Hunter Greene pitch, you will have to wait until the following week to make an easier trip to Louisville when they host Indianapolis at Louisville Slugger Field.

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  1. E

    You love to see it. It makes Lodolo’s finger issue more upsetting, because he has been dominant too and he must have been close to getting the call as well. I think we see Hunter in Cincy later this year.

    • Redsvol

      very interesting indeed. By moving Hunter up they are admitting his pitches are close to major league ready. He’s going to tap out on innings load before end of the year as a starter so why not bring him up in August as a reliever after he puts in 120 innings as a starter in the minors. Will likely depend on whether we are still in it by then.

      • Redsvol

        on the flip side I wish they would have waited one week so I could see Hunter pitch against the Smokies in pigeon forge this week. Now I may miss both Hunter and Lodolo. oh well.

  2. MK

    It is kind of surprising that with all the recent concerns about adding sticky substances to the fingers of pitchers to improve spin rates that there hasn’t been more blister issues, as the stickiness creates more friction.Not saying Lodolo is using anything because blisters happen, but just pitchers in general.

    • Ellie

      I am officially reporting your post as a violation- there has been no evidence of nick using foreign substances. This is just a warning, but it is an official violation and report

  3. The Rage

    Good to challenge Greene a bit. His pure stuff was too much for those AA boys. AAA will force him to work more.

  4. The Rage

    Probably time for a Garerro promotion as well. He is tearing up AA pitching and needs to meet his proper age level.

    • Billy

      I noticed Alfredo Rodriguez was playing 3B yesterday. I wonder if we’ll start seeing more of that with Barrero knocking on the AAA door.

  5. tommyd

    Things are starting to fall into place! A rookie of the year candidate (2nd base),2, yes, 2 MVP candidates, (rf_lf) Geno finally found his stroke and they cant pitch around Joey with guys on base! Throw in Shogo getting on base and Nequins power plus our catchers playing really well means Farmer can bat last and play ss on most days and Moose coming back. Haven’t been this excited in almost ten years.9 out of 18 games in sept against the pirates things are looking a little ROSEY