There was a lot of interesting things that happened on the farm on Tuesday night. I’m going to start with the most impressive of them, though, and that is the home run that Mariel Bautista hit that turned out to be the game winner even though it came in the 4th inning of the Dayton Dragons win.

Video from the Dayton Dragons

The baseball landed sometime after midnight. Ok, that isn’t really true. But the ball did take a while to land as it sailed over the fence, over the walk way, over the concession stand, then out onto Monument Avenue in Dayton. In total, it was went 458 feet according to Trackman, via Jeff Gilbert of the Dayton Daily News.

If you’ve been around the site for a while then you know that I keep track of the home run distances for players on the farm system. I’m a little behind right now and don’t have all of the data on the last two weeks of home runs – but 458 feet would be the longest of the year for all home runs hit in the system through June 25th. That is also the longest home run hit by a Dayton Dragon at home since I started keeping track of this in 2017. Hendrik Clementina does have two home runs that have gone further while playing for the Dragons, but both of those came in road ballparks.

Nick Lodolo is back

Last night saw Nick Lodolo take the mound after missing several weeks as he healed up a blister on his pitching hand. It was only his second start since the beginning of June – he skipped a start with a blister in the first week of June before returning the second week, but left that start with a blister and didn’t return until last night.

He was scheduled to throw two innings in his return, and then he would head off to Colorado to pitch in the Futures Game on Sunday. Things went about as well as you could expect in his return given the parameters. Lodolo threw just 17 pitches as he breezed through his two innings of work, picking up a strikeout along the way. He was throwing 93-95 MPH in the limited time he was out there.

Christian Roa is coming back

The Cincinnati Reds 2nd round draft pick in 2020 got the nod for the opening day start in Low-A Daytona. He then threw one inning before being removed from the game. Roa didn’t pitch again until last week when he began a rehab stint with the Arizona Complex League Reds and threw 3.0 hitless innings with a walk and two strikeouts. Last night he took the mound again and was a bit better as he struck out seven batters with a hit and a walk in 3.1 scoreless innings against the White Sox complex team.

TJ Hopkins keeps on rolling

There are more than a few players that have been hitting well of late in the Cincinnati Reds farm system. TJ Hopkins is among that group and last night he just kept on going, picking up a single, triple, and a home run in the Chattanooga Lookouts win. Since June 3rd the outfielder has hit .360/.449/.560 with 12 walks and 17 strikeouts in 24 games played.

11 Responses

  1. MK

    The bald guy in the Reds Jersey behind home plate looks like a pretty smart guy.

    Talked to a Rays scout last night and after hearing who their scouting and development staffs work it is easy to imagine how they have been so successful. Had a great story of how the Pirates \Tampa Bay Chris Archer trade came together and the role the scout played.

    • Doug Gray

      You know what they say about looks, right? It’s always true. Pretty sure that’s the saying.

      And yeah – Tampa Bay gets it right way more than they don’t. It’s scary to think about how good they could be if they actually spent any amount of money.

  2. Krozley

    Shout out to Stuart Fairchild who was called up by Arizona yesterday. Scored the walk-off run as a pinch runner in his first game. Was having a great season in AAA and one might say it is a lateral move now playing for the lowly DBacks, but good for him. Joins Mac Sceroler as Reds 2017 draft picks that have made it to the majors.

  3. jeffee

    Great news to see Roa back on the mound in Low A Daytona. Bonin is back as well. Any word on 2019 2nd rounder Reece Hinds, 3rd rounder Tyler Callihan? Lodolo and Ivan Johnson are back as well. Incredible how much the injury bug has hit the Reds 2019 and 2020 top 5 round picks. Is this just a stretch of bad luck or is something the Reds development staff is doing that is breaking down these high round pitchers. Hinds, Callihan and Johnson are not pitchers but Lodolo, Roa, Bonin are and all have spent significant time on the Disabled List thus far in the Reds organization. Does Reds Pitching Guru Kyle Boddy only work with the lower level draft picks? Read an article on Boddy when Reds hired him that Reds pitching philosophy was going to be the same top ML to rookie ball. Have the Reds not implemented that stratagy or does he only put his name next to the succesful ones?

    • Michael A Smith

      Injuries in general have spiked this year across all levels.

      • Billy

        Yeah, and it kind of stands to reason that the guys who came out of the last two drafts would be most affected. These are guys that hadn’t experienced the routine of a full season of a professional workload. Maybe they were trying to do what the organization asked to make progress, but there weren’t the coaches there at their side to correct or improve things. It’s a long time to be away from the game. To try to maintain an unfamiliar routine in the midst of that would be a tall order.

    • Doug Gray

      You must have missed it. Callihan is out for the year. Hinds is probably out until at least August, if not longer.

      Boddy is the pitching director. His decisions are for everyone from Triple-A to the Dominican Summer League.

      But as Michael Smith said, injuries are up big time this year. While we don’t have the data for minor league injuries, we can look at the big league injuries in 2021 compared to 2019 at the same point and there are 31% more injuries (non-Covid related). The NBA had the same issue, and their medical group (the team staffs) said they expect soft tissue injuries to continue to be a problem for them next season, too. I’d expect similar things for baseball in 2022 as well.

      • jeffe

        I did miss it. Hoping the Reds investments in all the newest health and physical machines and metrics helps keep them stay healthier than the competition. I remember that was part of the clubs staffing make over a couple years ago. Haven’t been able to keep Senzel healthy in CF. Maybe it was a poor decision to play the 2nd pick of the draft at a position he never played in 3 years of college. He has played well when healthy.

  4. jeffe

    Great outing for Bonin today at Daytona with 11 K’s. If we can only keep him healthy and available.