When the week began for Michael Siani and the Surprise Saguaros, Siani had gone 3-21 with six walks and four strikeouts. It was just a seven game stretch, but the outfielder hadn’t had much luck with his batted balls finding the grass to that point. All of that changed this week in the first two games of the week for Surprise.

On Monday Michael Siani went out and went 4-5 with a double, stolen base, run scored, and he drove in three runs in a 16-15 victory that included tons of hitting for both teams. On Tuesday things went even better for the Cincinnati Reds outfield prospect. He went out and picked up two singles, two walks, a double, a home run, two more steals, two runs batted in, and he scored four runs. Two days, nine hits, two doubles, a home run, three steals, five runs batted in, and five runs scored.

The home run that Siani hit was a moonshot, too. The crew at Prospects Worldwide got video of it. It landed on top of the second deck in right field.

Using Google Maps measurement tool and a rough approximation of where the ball landed (courtesy of this photo and this description), the home run went at least 435 feet. Just an absolute missile.

Through nine games Michael Siani is hitting .367/.500/.567 with eight walks, just four strikeouts, and a league best eight stolen bases – two of which are steals of home.

Siani was the only Reds position player on the field on Tuesday. But Jacques Pucheu took the mound in relief for Surprise in their 11-2 win and tossed 2.2 shutout innings. The lefty allowed a single and a walk while striking out three batters. It was the third appearance for the 24-year-old, who has now thrown 5.1 shutout innings where the hit on Tuesday was the first he’s given up, he now has two walks, and he’s struck out six.

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Not every team has released their opening day roster as I type this at midnight on Tuesday night. While we don’t know the rosters for everyone, some information has come out. Francisco Urbaez will be on the Escogido opening day roster. Reiver Sanmartin will be in the starting rotation for the Eastern Stars. Narciso Crook will once again be with Licey. There will certainly be other Reds players that find their way onto rosters and into games, but we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to see how the rosters shake out.

18 Responses

  1. Old Big Ed

    This is great news for the organization. Siani is a key piece, and he was compromised by an injury for much of the regular season. He was coming around offensively at the end of the season at Dayton, and is now continuing it in Arizona against good competition. The jump to AA is one of the acid tests for prospects, and I have some optimism that he will have an excellent year at Chattanooga in 2022.

    A lot of good things are happening in the organization.

    • MBS

      I just read an article on Sinai the other day about his injury. I had no idea, hopefully a healthy Sinai is a productive Sinai.

    • Stock

      I am with MK on this one. The pitchers he faced on Monday were dismal in their final stop in 2021. ERA well over 6.00 (none with an ERA under 5.00 and only 1 with an ERA under 6.00) so I am not sure he was facing quality pitching. Even if they were 2 games do not make up for 2 dismal seasons. He did have a good June. But he was awful in July. He was okay in August but back to dismal in September.

      He is not in my top 20 prospects and should be in the 25-30 range. I think he will struggle in AA. He may even start the season in Dayton. He did nothing in Dayton last year to suggest a promotion was earned.

  2. MK

    After watching Siani 2 seasons in Dayton I thought he was overhyped.
    played good sometimes great defense, could run but bat was very pedestrian. Prior to the last couple days I thought we might be seeing a repeat of Jonathon India’s abysmal AFL experience and hoped it might have a similar final result.

    • Danny

      I am not sure he is overhyped, he may, in fact, be a stud. Looks like you made a WHOOPSY thinking that he was overhyped!

      • MK

        No Whoopsy, whatever that is but MLB has him listed as teams #11 prospect. Doug currently has him at 18. He has done nothing performance wise that says 11 or 18. That is over hyped.

      • DaveCT

        Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but MK’s got this right. Siani has a lot to prove offensively to remain a prospect much longer. He is prone to long, long periods of not hitting then getting a bit hot. 2022 is big for him.

    • Redsvol

      I’m with MK in this one. A high school player drafted several years ago that hasn’t produced any power in the minors by now is not looking like a starter in the majors. MK has seen him play a lot. I want him to succeed but he has to make more contact and harder contact during a season to have any chance.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    If Siani makes it hitting well he is becoming a very pricey prospect by 2022. This could be traducing into a nothing to do offseason related to replace Castellanos, just wait if Siani gets better hitter and jump to the major team. It seems the next ST will be very huge for a group of players competing for some spots at major level.
    By the way , Lorenzo Cedrola after performing very this season at AA-AAA Reds minors, now is playing for Tiburones de La Guaira here in Venezuela.

  4. PTBNL

    a big huh?!? on that first paragraph….you got some “splainin” to do

  5. Andrew

    On another note, Jose Siri making plays in the World Series. Happy to see him succeed.

  6. Optimist

    I’ve been following Siani similarly to following Shed Long – interesting mid-round pick with intriguing possibilities, but thought, and think, Siani has a higher ceiling. IIRC, Doug noted the defense/speed immediately when drafted, and that he fell to the 4th round because of possible college ties, but the Reds overpaid the slot price and got him signed. Apparently the defense is even better than advertised, and it seems the injuries have really hampered him at the plate – still think there’s much upside here.

    Also wondering about Shed returning – again, injuries really took it out of him, but there is a lot of productivity, and power, in the numbers when healthy.

    • DaveCT

      I’d love to have Shed back. Help him rebuild his value at AAA and in the show over a year. I mean, look at Miguel Rojas.

  7. Tom

    I hope Siani has turned the corner, but after 2 straight seasons of mediocrity, I need more than two hot days to convince me he’s turned it around.

    Keep it up Mike