Earlier today the Cincinnati Reds signed right-handed pitcher Ben Lively to a minor league deal and invited him to big league spring training. The team announced that move on their social media platforms. In the transaction logs for the day, though, was another move that they didn’t announce: They invited minor league outfielder Lorenzo Cedrola to big league camp, too.

Originally signed by the Boston Red Sox, Lorenzo Cedrola joined the Reds organization in 2018 when he was acquired in exchange for international bonus pool spending money (the Reds sent no money, but did trade some “cap” space that allowed the Red Sox to spend more money).

While Cedrola had been solid in his two seasons since joining the Cincinnati organization, it was his 2021 season where he really broke out. After not playing in 2020, the Reds sent the outfielder to Double-A Chattanooga where he spent the year with the Lookouts. In 106 games he hit .320/.356/.461 while hitting as many home runs, 9, as he had hit in his entire career up to that point. He would add a 10th home run after joining Triple-A Louisville for the final 10 games of their extended season.

Lorenzo Cedrola has some things that stick out on his scouting report. He’s a good defender in center, has above-average to plus speed on the bases, and at the plate he makes a ton of contact. For his career he’s only struck out in 11.8% of his plate appearances.

With all of that contact, though, comes a low walk rate. That’s usually a trade off of making tons of contact because you don’t tend to get deep into counts when you put the bat on the ball when you do choose to swing it. The power had always been almost non-existent in the past, though there was reason to believe there was a little more in there than he was showing. That showed up in 2021 with a career best 36 extra-base hits that included 10 of his 19 career home runs. He’s never going to be a real power threat, but he showed enough last year to at least give pitchers a reason to respect the fact that they can’t just go dead-red against him and expect to not pay the price.

The Cincinnati Reds Non-Roster Invitees

So far this offseason the Cincinnati Reds have extended spring training invitations to 12 players. There are likely more to come before things get started – whenever that happens to be as the owners currently have locked out the players until a new collective bargaining agreement is signed. Here’s the list of players that have received an invite:

The Pitchers

  • Brandon Bailey
  • Kyle Dowdy
  • Ben Lively
  • Connor Overton
  • Trey Wingenter

The Catchers

  • Aramis Garcia
  • Andrew Knapp

The Infielders

  • Jake Bauers
  • Allen Córdoba
  • Cristian Santana

The Outfielders

  • Trey Amburgey
  • Lorenzo Cedrola

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12 Responses

  1. LDS

    The Reds need a CF (and a bunch of other things). If Cedrola can get on base with regularity, play defense, run the bases, AND stay healthy and in the lineup, I’d be more than satisfied. I’m not optimistic about Naquin or Senzel either one playing a full season. The Reds OF touted as a strength looks pretty weak going into opening day. Winker doesn’t hit LH’ers well. Castellanos is gone. Shogo may or may not be an effective hitter. He hasn’t played enough to know. Aquino? Want to like his prospects but he’s just not converted too many opportunities. Cerda and Friedl, probably too soon to tell. It would be nice to see the Reds FO sign or trade for a good CF or RF but I’m not optimistic about that happening this year. For that matter, with the lack of urgency shown by the two sides in the negotiations, I don’t see much call for optimism at all.

  2. Alan Horn

    If Credola or Friedl could man CF together, it would be a big boost for the Red’s OF. Credola likely needs more time at AAA but depending on how he progresses there, he could help. Naquin would move to RF which would help our defense. There would be less pop in the OF but if Barreo can make the step forward at SS, Suarez can return to his old offensive form and India can add to his 2021 offensive stats, the Reds could be OK offensively. That may be a better solution than trading a starting pitcher. Still, they would need some bench pieces, a few relievers and a backup catcher. I still say they are going to miss Barnhart. A good catcher who answers the call most every day and stays healthy is hard to find. Stephenson is clearly the better offensive catcher but has had his share of injuries in the past. You can always plug Farmer in at 3B or SS depending on what Suarez and Barreo do with the bat after the first month or so. Castellanos was our best hitter in my opinion and he will be greatly missed.

  3. MBS

    I thought Cedrola was at risk to be drafted in the Rule 5, but if not great. I like Cedrola, he’s like a faster, and better defending Lopez. I think the team could use one of them on the roster.

  4. Norwood Nate

    Glad to see he’s been rewarded for a good season. Hope it continues and he makes the most of his opportunities.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Cedrola came to play in Venezuelan Winter league after finish the 2021 season at Chattanooga. The things didn´t go so well in a league where the OPS+ was above .800 and the collective teams ERA was above 5.00 just to say a couple of stats. Cedrola just hit .250/.300/.325 in 130 PAs in this very hitter friendly league. Maybe he was some tired, but he dissapointed the club was playing for…

  6. RedBB

    He doesn’t walk a lot but I noticed he does get on base via HPB at a decent rate. 75 HBP in about 500 career games. That’s a pretty good clip…no pun intended

    • VegasRed

      Yeah I thought he was at risk for rule 5 but now he is safely in reds minor leagues? You never know with guys who have a contact tool and avoid strike outs and what they may become.

  7. Matt

    I had Cedrola on my list of possible rule 5 protectees.

    Of the ST invites, I’m still high on Trey Amburgey. OPS of 1.032 vs LHP in AAA last year. Reds could certainly use that.