When the 2022 season began, Spencer Steer was coming off of a year in which he crushed the ball in the first half with High-A Cedar Rapids but had some struggles in Double-A Wichita in the second half. The Minnesota Twins sent the 24-year-old back to Wichita to kick off his 2022 campaign.

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The season began for Steer with an 8-game hitting streak that included six extra-base hits. After going hitless on April 17th to end the streak he picked up a hit in all but one of the next 10 games to complete the month. He kept that rolling right into May, hitting .300 with a .700 slugging percentage over the first three weeks of the month before he was promoted to Triple-A St. Paul. That didn’t slow him down as he hit .333 over his first eight games with the Saints to end the month.

The flip of the calendar did seem to slow him down for a few days as he went 0-16 to begin the month. But over the next 20 games he turned it around and hit .279 with a .674 slugging percentage. For as good as June was, July went in the opposite direction. Steer struggled to get much of anything going with his bat as he hit just .212 and slugged just .288. He did walk more than he struck out, though.

At the trade deadline the Twins moved to Cincinnati in a deal for Tyler Mahle. After arriving in the organization the Reds sent Steer to Triple-A Louisville and his hitting picked back up as he hit .294/.375/.467 during August. He was then called up to join the big league club in September and went 2-2 with a double, home run, and two walks in his big league debut against the Rockies. After that, though, he slowed down and hit just .194 in the remaining 27 games of the season.

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Spencer Steer Scouting Report

Position: Infield | B/T: R/R

Height: 5′ 11″ | Weight: 185 lbs | Acquired: 3rd Round, 2019 Draft (Twins), Trade (August 2022)

Born: December 7, 1997

Hitting | An average to slightly-above-average tool.

Power | Steer has average to above-average power.

Speed | He shows average speed

Defense | He’s a solid-average fielder who can handle multiple spots on the infield.

Arm | Steer shows an average arm that will play anywhere on the infield.

Nothing truly jumps off of the page on Spencer Steer’s scouting report, but there’s not a below-average tool on it, either. He’s average or slightly better across the board when it comes to his raw tools.

At the plate he’s got average power now, but there could be a little more power in there in the future. He’s not going to ever be a guy who hits 450+ foot home runs, but he gets the barrel to the ball often and combined with a good hit tool his power may play up in some years. His power is mostly to the pull side, though, as he had just one home run to right field this past season.

Defensively he has some experience at shortstop, but he’s more of a “can play there in a pinch” kind of guy rather than someone who could be expected to cover the position – even in a backup role. Steer can handle second base, third base, or first base just fine. His bat doesn’t stand out if he winds up at first, but if that is where he winds up it would be more because he’s blocked elsewhere rather than it’s the only spot he can play. The bat profiles much better at third or second base.


Spencer Steer Spray Chart

Interesting Stat on Spencer Steer

After hitting .295/.376/.568 against right-handed pitchers in Double-A he struggled against them in Triple-A, hitting .228/.332/.441 before then hitting .184/.271/.263 against them in the big leagues.

9 Responses

  1. Redsvol

    I like steer’s track record but he’s going to have to hit right handers much better to have a chance at a major league career. In general, we seem to have a lot of players who struggle with right handers. We need a couple left handed power bats to emerge or to be signed.

  2. SultanofSwaff

    I like Steer and feel he’ll be a very solid utility guy for many years. His presence is what makes Krall’s comments about getting Senzel reps at 3B all the more confusing. Why pay Senzel arbitration money to take reps from a guy making the minimum who has shown to at least be Senzel’s equal with the bat? But at least it’s an admission of sorts that Senzel isn’t a CF…..for a guy with his athleticism I’m not sure I’ve seen a less instinctual player in terms of flyball reads and baserunning. Other than a rebuild it would be impossible to justify his presence on the roster.

  3. Reaganspad

    He’s a duck so for this week (it’s Civil War time in Oregon) he is pond scum. I will him again as a Red on Sunday when he will again be my 5th favorite prospect.

    Alex McGarry, now there is a 1st baseman with no green and yellow limitations

    • MBS

      I didn’t understand much of that, but if you’re saying McGarry is the future at 1B, I agree.

  4. DaveCT

    I think Steer is a valuable piece of the rebuild. His scouting reports reads a bit like India’s did coming up. Good, solid tools across the board. Thinking he could be a guy who can get 400 AB’s filling in at three positions.

  5. Bdh

    He’s got a ceiling of putting together seasons like Drury did this past year

    However I think when the dust settles after all these highly ranked prospects come up in the next 1-3 years he’ll be an excellent super utility guy getting 3-4 starts a week filling in at 1B, 2B, SS, and 3B.

    If they don’t sign a corner outfielder to a multi year deal you could still be trotting out a lineup like the following in a few seasons
    C – Stephenson
    1B – CES
    2B – Steer
    SS – Barrero
    3B – Marte
    LF – Fraley
    CF – McLain
    RF – Elly
    DH – India

    With Arroyo, Collier, and the rest of those very good teenagers in A ball / Rookie leagues getting close to their debuts

  6. Thomas Curry

    I would like for you or someone to explain to me what the Reds strategy is for their drafting or trading for players. As an example, they seem to have traded for or drafted 5 or 6 shortstops. How many shortstop prospects do you need in your organization? They need outfielders & pitching, especially bullpen pitching. It’s like the only position that really matters to them is shortstop. Now I agree it’s a very important position but give me a break. My personal opinion is that the Reds Administration does not have a plan or a strategy for trading or drafting of players, everything is by the seat of their pants. Hey Reds management, get a clue, develop a plan or a strategy for rebuilding your ball club & let us fans know what it is.

    • Doug Gray

      Plenty of guys are shortstops in the minors and not really shortstops in the big leagues. Find guys that can hit and move them to another spot. Every organization does it and has done it for 100 years.