If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen some minor league players come through the Cincinnati Reds system and just seem to blow the door down. Adam Dunn in 2001. Jay Bruce in 2007/2008. And now it’s possible that we’re talking about Elly De La Cruz doing that in 2023.

Jay Bruce was the top prospect in baseball entering that 2008 season that eventually saw him called up in late May after hitting .364/.393/.630 in 49 games for the Bats. Adam Dunn entered the 2001 season as the #33 prospect but he went crazy and was no longer eligible for prospect lists by the time they were updated next, though he probably would have been in the running for the top spot had things been updated midseason back then, having 32 home runs at the All-Star break before being called up to the big leagues where he hit 19 more of them before the year way over. He also hit one in the Futures Game.

Depending on where you wanted to look, Elly De La Cruz was somewhere between the top prospect in baseball and the 10th best prospect in baseball when this season began. Things didn’t go so well right out of the gate. Beginning the year on the injured list he missed the first three weeks of the Triple-A season recovering from a hamstring injury. When he was activated from the injured list he started the year 1-21 with no walks and 11 strikeouts.

Then things changed, like someone just flipped a switch and the light came on. And Elly De La Cruz hasn’t looked back since. In the 95 plate appearances since that 1-21 start he’s hit .360 with a .453 on-base percentage, and he’s slugged .733. That’s an 1.186 OPS. And it’s coming from one of the youngest players in all of Triple-A.

The 21-year-old has gone through stretches where his OPS has been ridiculously high. He’s always been an extra-base hit machine. The combination of his ability to hit the ball hard and hit it far, coupled with his speed that can turn singles into doubles and doubles into triples has just made things unfair at times for fielders.

What he’s doing right now with his pitch recognition and plate discipline, though – that is something new. Last August he walked 12 times. That was only the second month in his career in which he had double digit walks, and the other time saw him walk 10 times. But in August of last year he also struck out 28 times.

On Thursday night in Louisville the shortstop and Reds top prospect walked multiple times in a game for the 5th time in his last nine games. That gave him 13 walks for the month, setting a new career best. He’s also struck out just 15 times during the month. For May he’s got a walk rate of 17.8%. That’s a Joey Votto level walk rate. His strikeout rate for the month is 20.5%. He’s facing the best pitching he’s ever faced and he’s making dramatic improvements in the two areas he had some questions about from observers.

“Everything’s ready,” he told MLB.com’s Sam Dykstra after Thursday night’s game. “We’re just waiting for that call to get us up there.”

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  1. MFG

    Time to bring him up, he has earned it! Now, where do you play him?

    • BZ

      Senzel has been pretty good at 3B, but I think you have to move him back to CF, which helps because it gets Fairchild out of the lineup daily. Not counting a CES or Hopkins promotion, I think it probably should be:

      C- Stephenson
      1B- Steer
      2B- India
      SS- McLain
      3B- De La Cruz
      LF- Freidl (when healthy)
      CF- Senzel
      RF- Myers
      DH- Fraley

      The other option would be leaving Senzel at 3B and moving McLain out to CF which puts De La Cruz at SS. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Barrero getting time in RF. I still think he could become a decent player with consistent playing time. I think Myers should lose his everyday job when CES comes up and put Fraley out in RF.

      • Jonathan Linn

        Keep Senzel in 3B – this is the best hes played and his defense is top notch. Leave him in 3B please

      • BK

        @JL, Statcast and BR both have Senzel at league average at 3B. While defensive metrics easily skewed by small sample sizes it matches how he’s played in the field. Might he improve with more reps? Absolutely. What stands out the most about Senzel is the fact that he’s hit while playing 3B. I suspect we’re seeing improved play because he’s finally healthy and fully recovered from prior injuries. Given his recent experience in the OF, he’s the obvious choice to move this season. When Friedl returns from the IL, I would push Senzel to a corner spot for most games.

      • Tom

        No, cannot put Senzel in center if you want him to stay healthy, I say keep Senzel at 3rd and move De La Cruz to center, because he covers a huge area at 6’5″ and has a cannon! Steer can be dh and play some 1st until Strand comes up soon. Strand is the Reds future 1st base.

      • BZ

        As much as I agree with leaving Senzel at 3B and moving De La Cruz to CF at some point, I see zero chance of the Reds calling him up with the weight of the franchise on his shoulders and telling him also to play a position he has never played. They will try to make it as comfortable as possible for him, and that is SS or 3B. I think 2024 is when we will see guys like McLain, De La Cruz, India, or Steer moved around to the outfield, but probably not this year.

  2. Zach

    Before he gets called up, the José Barerro experiment needs to end. It’s a good position to be in for the Reds. I bet no moves are made until the ASG.

    I’d trade Barerro and fetch some younger prospects. Barerro still has plenty of upside but not near as much as EDLC

    • AllTheHype

      Why? He’s got the makings of a super sub, and still has a lot of talent that probably hasn’t been tapped yet. He’d also be very useful in case of injuries and days off, late inning def replacement etc. And he’s cheap. That’s a pretty valuable commodity.

      • MBS

        @All, I agree, and I think that’s the Reds plan to. Barrero’s a credible back up at 2 premium defensive positions, SS, and CF. I’m pretty confident he could slide over to 3B as well.

      • BK

        Exactly! Barrero’s improving, it’s just been a slow process. No way I would send him down at this point. The more he plays, the more his confidence will improve and results will follow. There’s no such thing as too many good players. He’ll get his chance to shine at some point.

    • Tom

      De La Cruz is better served at either 3rd or I believe center is best with his speed and arm!.

  3. Michael W

    Real conversation.

    In a world where the Reds are still rebuilding and all these IF prospects are coming up or here, CES, Mclain, EDLC, Steer, Barrero…

    Is it possible that a trade of India is the highest value thing you could do?

    He is a sub par defender in the IF.

    There seems to be no weight to him moving to LF. Barreto has no Value and Senzel will need a full season of this to repair his value to even league average.

    Steer isn’t going anywhere as the Super Sub for the next 5 years. So what does that leave you and don’t say McLain or EDLC to the OF because if that was the case, it would have been at least experimented with already in the minors.

    It’s obvious the Reds see McLain and EDLC as the MIF of the future. CES will man 1B when it’s all said and done and Marte is on pace to play 3B at some point next year.

    So is this the time to get max value for India?

    • Jonathan Linn

      India is a leader and that has value. LF or DHL would be a good fit for India. Like 50%/50% DH with Stephenson..then 50% games at 2nd for India.

    • Tom

      No, India is too solid of a hitter and has actually become a base stealing threat. Nobody to take over 2nd either! At the very least he’s a perfect dh!

    • Jimbo44CN

      No, please god no. Trading away our possibly best player for, who?? Another Myers? No thanks. And forget the fantasy of trading him for a quality starter. The entire league is looking for that. NO WAY

      • J

        No ONE to take over 2nd ??? Are you even paying attention???? Lol

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    it seems EDLC makes the team a winner one where he plays. I remember when he was at Dayton last year the team lived great moments on the season and a winning record, later at Chattanooga was the same. Now, incredibly, Louisville Bats who started 2-11 are in a winning streak and are close to .500 record. Will Elly be able to empower the Reds when called up? Let’s see sooner than later I think…

  5. AMDG

    Senzel seems to play better when he is at 3B. Moving him to CF clearly didn’t work. McLain is a former CF, so I’d certainly entertain placing him back in the OF if it means opening up a regular spot for EDLC when he is called up.

    Unless they trade somebody, they would have a very young 20-something lineup that could look something like this:

    C – T Stephenson (26)
    1B – Steer (25)
    2B – India (26)
    SS – EDLC (21)
    3B – Senzel (28)
    OF – McLain (23), Friedl (27), Fraley (28)
    DH – CES (23)
    UTL – Barrero (25)

    Of course the underperforming veterans Myers/Newman would need to be released if EDLC, CES, and McLain are to get any playing time.

    • PTBNL

      I really like this lineup if EDLC ends up as the best defensive shortstop of all of them. Still no honk he’d make an excellent CF.

      • PTBNL

        “Still no honk” is German for “still think”. ?

  6. Optimist

    Don’t move Senzel anywhere – either 3b or DH. EDLC at SS, DH or 3b. McLain SS, 2b or DH. India 2b, 1b, 3b,DH. 4 players for 4 spots in lineup and 3 in the field. Use Barrero like Newman. Go with that for a month. Change it in a month when CES arrives. Good problem to have.

  7. redsfan10

    Everyone is fighting…Look we have options

    You have INF’S
    Senzel, India, Barrero, Elly, Steer, Mclain, CES, Marte (next year)
    Look its clear you have to trade or move to the OF.
    My vote is IF YOU MOVE ANYONE, move Barrero to RF or Steer to LF
    Even if you move both you have extra, even a rotation with DH…

    Look trade 1-3 for pitchers probably could net some high pitching prospects.
    Look If you been keeping any eye at Mclain and Elly, I love their friendship.

    SS Elly 2B Mclain 3B Senzel (until Marte is ready no rush)(Why move senzel when he has the most valuable of his career? Confortable and producing)1B is CES, DH Steer can rotate at 1B, 2B, 3B.

    Trade India and barrero net prospects that can help next year or later…Look I love india but he makes the most sence to trade. 3 years left, high value, scott boras is his agent is a massive turn off.

    I think this team will be ridiculously good with steer, Ces, Mclain, Elly, Marte in 2024…Pitching should be good if ashcraft, greene, lodolo, Abbott, Williamson (not sold but solid so far…) stoudi, Boyle imo go to the bullpen, Boyle could be a nasty late relief set up man.

    Please sign an all-star Sp this offseason and I think we make the playoffs boyss

    Julio Urias ??? Ohtani:)

    • Jimbo44CN

      Sure, the Reds and this ownership are going to sign Ohtani to a 10 year 500 million contract. Sure.

      • J

        Hey they were supposedly in the final 2 before he went to the Angels .. So maybe that’s been the ” GAME PLAN ” all along ??? Everything will be off the books by then and IF YOUR GOING TO THROW EVERYTHING AT SOMEONE and change EVERYTHING FOR YOUR FRANCHISE including ATTENDANCE because he’s a draw all alone, WHY NOT THROW IT ALL AT OHTANI !?!? Now do I think that’s truly the plan …. NO … but it’s dream season all the time until something final happens and it sounds as if HE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN 2024 !!! Angels don’t seem to be working on extending him but who knows I’m sure they WANT to try n keep him you’d think

  8. Andrew

    Where’s Patrick explaining why EDLC is a bust waiting to happen?

  9. Jonathan

    Anyone else see the Fangraphs write up on Matt McLain for their Top 100 update? Good write up on EDLC as well.

  10. Optimist

    A domino question – when (and it seems very soon) EDLC is called up, is Marte also called up to the Bats to replace him? If they’re going to be aggressive making moves that seems in order. Unless he slumps severely, Marte would then be in line for one of the two September roster additional spots. That sets up next season’s spring training.

    • Stock

      I feel Marte and EDLC need another 2 weeks or so. But agree that maybe they should be made at the same time.

  11. Laredo Slider

    Other Reds should copy Senzel. He’s taking advantage of bad pitching from bad teams. Otherwise, move him along. Just a matter of time before he breaks down, that’s his history.

    • BK

      And exactly how many of his injuries are related to one another?

  12. MBS

    Bring up the kids, and let them keep doing what they’ve been doing McLain and EDLC have been platooning SS/2B, and SS/3B respectively. CES is also ready so let’s not leave him out of the party. It also allows Senzel to prove this is more than just a hot streak, but a real change for the kid.

    The #/9 is the amount of starts each player has at a particular position. They’d all recieve 7 of 9 starts.

    DH Others 8/9 India 1/9
    C Stephenson 5/9 Casali 4/9
    1B CES 7/9 Stephenson 2/9
    2B India 6/9 McLain 3/9
    3B Senzel 7/9 EDLC 2/9
    SS EDLC 5/9 McLain 4/9

    Short of moving India to the OF this is the best way I could see getting all these guys sufficient AB’s, and keep them at their current positions.

    • MBS

      Also if you leave the OF’s out of the DH spot, it would open up 8 more starts for the infielder to get extra starts. If you exclude Stephenson, and Casali from the DH as well, The 8 extra DH starts could be divided up by CES, India, McLain, Senzel, EDLC, which would allow you to keep the hot bat in the lineup, and still rest the players to keep them sharp over a long season.

    • MBS

      The OF

      RF Myers 6/9 Fraley 3/9
      CF Fairchild 7/9 Fraley 2/9
      LF Steer 7/9 Fraley 2/9

      I’d much rather have Steer, and Fraley switch roles, but Fraley has the experience at all the positions, and Steer would be learning the OF, so keeping him in LF seems like the safest solution.

      Barrero optioned to AAA for EDLC
      Ramos optioned to AAA for CES
      Newman remains as a DR/PR for now.
      CES would also require a 40 man so a guy like Karcher or Kuhnel would probably be knocked off the 40 man.

    • Stock

      I don’t buy this at all. I see no reason to bench India, EDLC, McLain and others 22% of the time. It makes no sense to bench them every week let alone twice every other week. No way do I bench India 36 games in a year. If you bring up EDLC and McLain they should be playing every day not 78% of days.

      • MBS

        It’s just a framework to get all of our best bats in the lineup at the positions they are accustomed to playing.

        You have 8 open starts at DH, which would allow you to keep playing the hot bat. That means that the 7/9 for India, and EDLC could become 9/9, and you’d still have 4 more starts available for McLain 9/9, CES 8/9 and Senzel 8/9.

        In the off season you could move India to the OF as well. It would make for a pretty balance OF Fraley, Friedl from the left, and India, Steer from the right. I want that now, but most posters here don’t want to see India move to the OF midseason.

        @Stock what would be your plan to get guys to play, I do really like your posts and insights. This is just how my mind works on problems.

      • Stock

        I have to admit I was very disappointed when McLain sat the last game in Colorado. I want him playing everyday. I want EDLC playing everyday if he is called up.

        Thanks for the good words MBS.

        Friedl, India, McLain, Senzel and EDLC (when called up) should play every day. Fraley should start vs. all RHP. Myers should start every day in the hopes that he turns it around and has trade value in July. Lets find out what Steer has. Play him everyday.

        As for what position they would play I would like to think long term. McLain at 2B everyday. EDLC at SS every day. Senzel at 3B everyday. I would try India in RF. Steer has only one position. Leave him at 1B. Friedl plays CF, Fraley plays LF and Myers plays DH.

      • Andrew


        McLain had played 14 out 15 days. A day off is fine here and there. If it becomes a trend, then that’s different.

      • Doug Gray

        Every Monday is an off day in the minors, so we have to consider that with what I’m about to say here: That was the first game day that Matt McLain got off all season. He played every single game for Louisville. He was supposed to get a day off in Louisville that week – it was scheduled for him – but he got called up.

  13. .Max

    First let’s let McKain play 20 games to see his talent. Barrero has bee given 29 games and strikes out way to much! But he has talent so let’s try CF with his athletic body. Votto is finished let’s get our money back and get POWER hitting OF.

  14. Stock

    If the Reds get a knock your socks off offer on India in July they should be all over it. Otherwise, they should trade him this winter because the guys are coming fast. Are they better than India? I think EDLC will be. I think odds are that McLain is better. India should probably be better than Marte. India is better than Fraley, Friedl and Senzel. But not so much that he should not be traded if you can obtain a nice set of prospects.

    As things sit right now for 2024:

    C: Stephenson
    1B: Steer
    2B: McLain
    3B: Senzel
    SS: EDLC
    LF: Fraley/India
    CF: Friedl
    RF: India/Fraley
    DH: unknown

    I would not mind trading India for quality SP and have Benson and CES replace India, and unknown above. As Redsfan10 mentioned above, extending India seems remote. His trade value is pretty high right now. Trade him and extend the competitive window.

    • MBS

      I didn’t see this when I asked you plan. I also like India in the OF, I’d do it today, but most would not. An offseason move does seem like the easier ask on India. As far as trading India I don’t like losing a quality MLB proven bat, so if they did trade him I’d want a quality MLB proven player back that fits the Reds needs better, be it an OF or SP.

      • Stock

        Three trades I would make for India:

        Dodgers: Bobby Miller and Andy Pages
        Phillies: Andrew Painter, Jesus Starlyn Caba and William Bergolla
        Blue Jays: Ricky Tiedeman and Addison Barger

        None of these are proven ML assets but a small market team like the Reds would be wise to follow the model of Tampa Bay.

    • Jonathan

      @ Stock – would you not keep India for his leadership qualities and move him to DH? I think I would.

      • Stock

        EDLC is a leader too. I would lock EDLC to a 20 year contract right now.

    • Tom

      India is a challenge to consider.

      – Probably too expensive for an extension considering the strength in the infield over the next 5 years.
      – Yet, keeping him through the final year of arbitration while the team figures to contend feels like more value then is being appreciated.
      – I think we are counting chicks before they hatch with his assumed replacement(s). – He’s really a great player to hold onto as long as possible. 3.5 more years + a comp pick sounds good to me.
      – The counter argument involving prospects just feels more risky at this stage. Look what Frazier brought back (albeit a little late). Brandon Phillips also did not seem to be a hot ticket at any point. Teams clamoring for a player like India (2b/1b/DH) at the deadline or in the offseason does not ring a bell they way starting pitchers do.

  15. Stock

    Jonathan mentioned the updated fangraphs top 100. I am surprised they moved players up and back but did not eliminate players who are no longer prospects. EDLC is the #3 ranked prospect because Gunnar Henderson and Corbin Carroll are no longer prospects.

    I predicted in March/April that the Reds would have 8 prospects in the top 100 at YE assuming they are not in the majors.

    My 7 targets at the time were EDLC, Marte, Collier, Arroyo, Phillips, Petty and McLain. I also felt one other prospect would claim a stake in the top 100. Potential players to do so included Abbott, Boyle, Hendrick, CES, Jorge, Hector Rodriguez and Sal Stewart.

    Now I would say at least 8 players will be in the top 100 or called up as top 100 prospects. Fangraphs currently has 6 in the top 100. I feel Petty would be there too had he not started the year on the injured list. I think he is number 7. I think Connor Phillips has a strong chance to be #8 and CES #9. Call me crazy but I think Jorge will be #10. I also think McLain and EDLC will not be prospects come September.

  16. kdavis

    Wouldn’t the best time to see if various players can play the outfield have been in spring training or when they are currently in the minors?

    Senzel had to my knowledge little or no training in the outfield, was put in centerfield because of his athleticism. We saw the results – throwing to wrong bases, missing the cutoff, etc.
    How do we know that India can play any outfield spot? Does he have the arm for it?

    I continue to see comments that Eric Davis was drafted as a shortstop, and moved to centerfield. Well 1) Eric was an elite talent 2) he played 4 years in the minors at CF.

  17. DW

    Primary Positions:
    1B India/Steer
    2B McLain
    3B Senzel
    DH India/Steer

    Steer/Senzel/India can rotate through 1B/3B/DH/2B
    EDLC/McLain/Barrero can rotate through 2B/SS/3B/DH
    Stephenson can continue to rotate through C/1B/DH

    • Stock

      I like this because I think it is a matter of time before Benson shows he is an everyday player in the majors. That gives you an OF of Benson, Fraley and Friedl.

      The problem becomes where do you play Marte and CES should they force their way to Cincinnati.

      • DW

        Agreed. Someone has to be traded…hopefully to upgrade starting pitching.

      • Stock

        Exactly DW and since India has Boras as an agent, has by far the most trade value and has only 3.5 years of control left I think the Reds should seriously consider trading India.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Benson, did you forget his 0 for forever streak before he was sent down? Great defender, but no hit was the reason Cleveland let him go. Also, trade India? Cmon. First off you would never get equal value for him. And second, he brings more than just being a great leadoff hitter. He is a leader and example setter. He is the face of this franchise. Just no way.

  18. Stock

    A comparison of three players:

    1. Jay Bruce was the #1 prospect in baseball by both BA and Baseball Prospectus prior to the 2008 season.

    From my prospective, Bruce was ranked #1 because his tools were top notch. His plate discipline got worse each year in the minors but it did not matter because his tools were so good.

    Age 19: 8.8% BB%, 21.3% K% and a 2.41 K/BB ratio
    Age 20: 8.2% BB%, 23.4% K% and a 2.87 K/BB ratio
    Age 21: 6.0% BB%, 22.4% K% and a 3.75 K/BB ratio

    Call it lack of effort, lack of ability or lack of intelligence or a combination of the above, Bruce never developed the plate discipline to reach the next level in the majors. He will not be in the hall of fame.

    Joey Votto was the 44th ranked prospect by BA and 21st by Baseball Prospectus. He was not blessed with the tools of Bruce but he did develop plate discipline. It took him longer to make it to the show because he was not the gifted athlete Bruce was.

    Age 21: 9.8% BB%, 23.0% K% and a 2.35 K/BB ratio
    Age 22: 13.2% BB%, 18.5% K% and a 1.40 K/BB ratio
    Age 23: 12.1% BB%, 19.0% K% and a 1.57 K/BB ratio

    Three years prior to making it to the majors both players had about the same K/BB ratio. But Bruce’s K/BB ratio went up each year thereafter and Votto’s was much less in his age 22 and 23 season. Votto has a chance to make the hall of fame and this indicates the value of plate discipline.

    EDLC was the #8 prospect in BA and #5 in Baseball Prospectus prior to the beginning of this year. No offense to Jay Bruce, but EDLC’s tools exceed those of Bruce by a wide margin. The question pertaing to EDLC is his plate discipline. EDLC has improved more than any player I can remember in a 3 year span. You can call this an incredible work ethic or an elite understanding of baseball skills, a willingness to listen to coaching, or whatever but in my opinion he is superior to Votto in this skill set.

    Age 19: 5.3% BB%, 30.2% K% and a 5.71 K/BB ratio
    Age 20: 7.8% BB%, 30.8% K% and a 3.95 K/BB ratio
    Age 21: 12.9% BB%, 28.4% K% and a 2.20 K/BB ratio
    May 2023: 17.8% BB%, 20.5% K% and a 1.15 K/BB ratio

    I included May 2023 because I consider EDLC’s April as his Spring Training. Even if you include April EDLC’s K/BB ratio is 40% of what it was in 2021, which includes rookie league stats. In May his K/BB ratio is 20% of what it was in 2021.

    Call me crazy but I think the experts are under-rating EDLC. He should be a regular member of baseball’s 30/30 club and have an OPS greater than 1 year after year.

  19. Steve James

    I can’t see getting rid of India. He’s your leader, lead off hitter supreme. Friedel is your only other option. What’s wrong with:
    India RF
    Friedel CF
    Steer 1B/ DH or super utility
    Stephenson C/DHCES
    Fraley LF
    Senzel 3B (until Marte is ready)
    McClain 2B
    Whoever doesn’t play the field that day as DH
    I know this batting order is flawed, but it a good problem to have.
    CES as 1B or DH. SEenzel, Steer,Barrero and Casali as your bench. So many players can handle more than one position. If the Reds want to win, sign a couple decent middle relievers.

  20. Laredo Slider

    Reds missed a chance to try these young prospects(Steer, McClain, EDLC, etc) in the OF during last fall’s Fall Ball season. Mistake.

    • 2020ball

      I’d tend to agree, what helps though is every guy we’ve been debating over except India has played multiple spots so the likely odd men out are Barrero and Newman. Both of those players are fine off the bench and Barrero can play more often in the OF. I personally would like to see Senzel in the OF too.

    • Kdavis

      Agree 100 percent. The Reds knew they had multiple players vying for the same position yet they chose to do nothing about it. Yet they have no depth of outfielders in the system. Realize you can’t count your chickens before they hatch – but the Reds should have seen if the players had any ability to play different positions.

  21. Steve

    Next year not one of you mentioned we have 45 million to play with we need at least 1/2 stud free agent outfielders that have a career of power and rbi production if fraley freidel and berrero and senzel are still starting or even here we have no chance come on

    • Stock

      Don’t count on money being spent on FA next winter. Fraley, Friedl, India and Senzel have all been very similar players this year. And all have been good

      Fraley: 13% BB%, 19% K% .823 OPS (56th in baseball)
      Friedl: 5% BB%, 21% K%, .818 OPS (60th in baseball)
      India: 11% BB%, 18% K%, .801 OPS (65th in baseball)
      Senzel: 10% BB%, 18% K% .787 OPS (75th in baseball)
      Steer: 10% BB%, 22% K% .775 OPS (76th in baseball)

      OBP: India .380, Fraley .375, Senzel .353, Friedl .351

      Fraley is in the top 30. Friedl is in the top 60. On average, teams have 2 players with an OBP greater than .350. The Reds have four and you are critical of three of the four. The Reds have 6 players with an OBP greater than .333. That gives them 6 of the top 90 in OBP. Very impressive. The Reds have at least 3.5 more years of control on all 6.

    • Billy

      Who are you going to sign? Keep in mind that you have to be at our the Dodgers, Yankees, Astros, Red Sox, etc. to sign those players. If you want to win, use the money to shore up the pitching and extend young guys.

    • AllTheHype

      Reds won’t be doling out $250-350M contracts, which is what it takes for impact position players. Nor will they be signing the cheaper Benintendi types for $75M either (like several here wanted), not when the youngsters are as good or better for league minimum.

      BTW, it is a good time to mention, aren’t we glad the arm chair GMs here didn’t get their way with Benintendi, who has yet to hit even hit a HR and has a pretty minuscule SLG. Wouldn’t want that contract for 5 years.

  22. Jeremiah G.

    I’m not able to catch too many Reds games on TV, but watched tonight the game vs. the Yankees. Barrero stood out to me in two ways…he really is not a very good hitter, chases that breaking ball off the plate it seemed like 80% of the time. On the positive side, he looked really smooth in Centerfield defensively I thought. I always thought Senzel kind of seemed aloof out there. Barrero could be an asset if he improves his hitting a little bit, and be an above average CF, or defensive replacement. But Frield is the guy when healthy in CF I think.

    It’s great to see Senzel playing well overall at 3rd, but he can’t block our top prospects from playing their more natural position if that’s that case. You don’t experiment positions with a top prospect like De La Cruz. If he comes up, he’s gotta play SS or Third I think.

  23. India4Life

    We need a article telling people that its stupid to trade India!

    • Doug Gray

      As with any trade: It depends on the deal. Trading Jonathan India for a Low-A prospect is probably stupid. Trading Jonathan India for Ronald Acuna Jr. would be very smart.

  24. Dean Rock

    I figured out when Elly gets called up. Just e 19 will be his MLB debut. It should be sooner, but Reds will want his debut to be at home, and they are on a long road trip prior to 6/19. Plus, better chance he avoids being a Super 2 and arbitration eligible a year earlier.
    Sas thing is he will likely not get enough at-bats to compete for Rookie if the Year, but too many to be eligible in 2024. Perhaps that is a good thing g, though, as too 2 in ROY voting puts strain on Castellini wallet soon er.
    Reds will test EDLC in CF the next 3 weeks in Louisville and try to sign him to 10-year deal. Or at least they should. Give him 10 years, $125M or so.

  25. Dean

    I figured out when Elly gets called up. June 19 will be his MLB debut. It should be sooner, but Reds will want his debut to be at home, and they are on a long road trip prior to 6/19. Plus, better chance he avoids being a Super 2 and arbitration eligible a year earlier.
    He will likely not get enough at-bats to compete for Rookie of the Year, but too many to be eligible in 2024. Perhaps that is a good thing, though, as top 2 in ROY voting puts strain on Castellini wallet sooner.
    Reds will test EDLC in CF the next 3 weeks in Louisville and try to sign him to 10-year deal. Or at least they should. Give him 10 years, $125M or so.