The Florida State League season has been over for a month, with Daytona playing their final game on September 10th. But this afternoon the league announced their Player of the Month for September and the honor for the week-and-a-half of play went to Tortugas outfielder Ethan O’Donnell.

The center fielder had hits in seven of the nine gamesĀ  he played in, but got on base in all nine of them. During the “month” he hit .364/.475/.818 with a double, triple, and four home runs. He homered in four straight games from September 3rd through September 7th. O’Donnell scored 10 runs, drove in 14, walked four times, was hit by a pitch three times, and he stole three bases in his nine games.

That stretch in September was mostly a continuation of what he had done in August with Daytona. After playing in four games out in Arizona after being drafted in the 6th round out of the University of Virginia, the Cincinnati Reds promoted him from the complex league club to Daytona where he played in his first game with the Tortugas on August 6th. He started out slowly with Daytona, going 0-10 in his first three games. Things picked up after that and he hit .432/.523/.568 in the final 11 games of the month. That helped earn him tine Florida State League’s Player of the Week for the final full week of August.

Overall in his time with Daytona he played in 23 games, picking up 94 plate appearances and hit an impressive .350/.447/.600. That came with four doubles, two triples, and four home runs.

Here are the other Reds minor league players who were named Player of the Month for their respective league:

Player League Month
Blake Dunn Midwest League April
Noelvi Marte Southern League May
Julian Aguiar Midwest League May
Hector Rodriguez Florida State League May
Blake Dunn Southern League July
Ethan O’Donnell Florida State League September


5 Responses

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    O’Donnell will be one intriguing guy to follow up in 2024…

  2. Matt

    4 homers in 9 games is a 71 home run per 162 pace. Seems reasonable to think he could sustain that!
    Really though, to echo RedsGettingBetter, he’ll be one to follow next year. I’d guess that as a college guy he may start in Dayton.

  3. Stock

    I agree RGB. It is quite possible 2023 was a great year for adding prospects.

    Lowder, Floyd, Stafura, Schoenwetter and O’Donnell in the draft. I am not as high on Hollan but the Reds took him and they seem to be all over finding prospects so that makes six potential ML players in this draft.

    Add to that the international signings of Duno, Sheng-Lin, Alcantara and Torres and the Reds did good this year.

    • DaveCT

      This might be my fave pick of 2023x

      O’Donnell at no. 6 strikes me as a much better value than Boyd at no 2 in 2022.

      Just indicates to me that this draft was extraordinarily deep, given the 2020 abbreviated draft, etc.

      Plus O’Donnell projects as being g able to stick in CF.