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  • 7th round pick they select Pedro Villarreal, RHP, Howard.
  • 8th round pick they select Cody Puckett, SS, Cal State.
  • 9th round pick they select David Sappelt, OF, Coastal Carolina.
  • 10th round pick they select Sean Conner, RF, Palm Beach
  • 11th round pick they select Andrew Means, CF, Indiana
  • 12th round pick they select Kyle Day, C, Michigan State
  • 13th round pick they select Blaine Howell, LHP, Pensacola
  • 14th round pick they select Lance Janke, RHP, San Diego Christian
  • 15th round pick they select Eric Pfisterer, LHP, Don Bosco Prep HS
  • 16th round pick they select Daniel Morrison, CF, Clayton Heights HS
  • 17th round pick they select Frank Pfister, 3B, Emory
  • 18th round pick they select Christopher McMurray, C, UC Santa Barbara
  • 19th round pick they select Mace Thurman, LHP, Baylor
  • 20th round pick they select Tyler Stovall, RF, Central Michigan
  • 21st round pick they select Theodis Bowe, CF, Milford HS (DE)
  • 22nd round pick they select Byron Wiley, CF, Kansas State
  • 23rd round pick they select William Hudgens, RHP, Memphis
  • 24th round pick they select Enrique Garcia, RHP, Miami (FL)
  • 25th round pick they select Raul Rodriguez, RHP, Simi Valley HS (CA)
  • 26th round pick they select Mike Bohana, RHP, Kennesaw St
  • 27th round pick they select Matthew Stiffler, CF, Ohio
  • 28th round pick they select Bryce Bandilla, LHP, Bella Vista HR (CA)
  • 29th round pick they select Ben Hunter, RHP, Wake Forest
  • 30th round pick they select Juan Carlos Sulbaran, RHP, American Heritage HS (FL)
  • 31st round pick they select Joseph Housey, RHP, Nova HS (FL)
  • 32nd round pick they select Justin Freeman, RHP, Kennesaw State
  • 33rd round pick they select Taylor Wrenn, 2B, Lakeland HS (FL)
  • 34th round pick they select Bryan Gardner, LHP, Ithaca
  • 35th round pick they select Matthew Fairel, LHP, Florida State
  • 36th round pick they select Erik Gregersen, RHP, Stephen F Austin State
  • 37th round pick they select Randall Linebaugh, RHP, Baylor
  • 38th round pick they select Richard Bowen, RHP, Mississippi State
  • 39th round pick they select Michael Konstanty, 1B, Albany
  • 40th round pick they select David Peterson, RHP, Las Lomas HS (CA)
  • 41st round pick they select Justin Walker, LHP, Lamar
  • 42nd round pick they select Benson Merritt, RHP, South Lincoln HS
  • 43rd round pick they select Bronson Gagner, RHP, Parkview HS (GA)
  • 44th round pick they select Kevin Coddington, C, Illinois Chicago
  • 45th round pick they select Brendan Lobban, LHP, St Joseph HS (NJ)
  • 46th round pick they select Jackson Hogue, CF, Mississippi State
  • 47th round pick they select David Torcise, LHP, South Florida
  • 48th round pick they select Kenneth Monteith, RHP, Morristown Beard HS (NJ)
  • 49th round pick they select Patrick White, CF, WVU (Yeah, that Pat White)
  • 50th round pick they select Kevin Leslie, CF, Faulkner

Information is below

7th round pick – Pedro Villarreal had 4 saves and went 3-1. His ERA however was over 6.00.

8th round pick – Cody Puckett hit .377/.462/ .644 this year with 11 doubles and 17 HR. Defensively though he made 33 errors. I bet he switches positions as a pro.

9th round pick – David Sappelt hit .352/.422/.649 with 18 HR this year for Coastal Carolina. He is short, at 5’9″ but comes in at 197 lbs and packs some power. Was named the Big South Player of the Year n 2007.

***5th round pick Clayton Shunick is about to pitch on ESPN versus Georgia. Check it out, he is dominating so far. ****

Just wanted to say congrats to Dan Osterbrock, Colerain Graduate (go Cards) and current UC pitcher who was taken in the 7th round by the Minnesota Twins.

10th round pick – Sean Conner, not to be confused with this guy, hit .326 with a conference leading 9 HR.

11th round pick – Andrew Means hit .357/.416/.488 with 33 steals and just 6 CS.

12th round pick – Kyle Day hit .320/.448/.543 with 39 walks and 28 strikeouts.

13th round pick – Blaine Howell has a good curveball and throws 90-92 MPH. He went 8-0 with a 4.23 ERA and 84 strikeouts in 68 innings.

14th round pick – Lance Jenke went 5-6 with a 3.52 ERA, 79 K/26 BB and allowed 6 HR in 84.1 innings.

Let me just say, watching Clayton Shunick has me pretty excited to see him play in the system. His stuff is quite good.

15th round pick – Eric Pfisterer has a low 90’s fastball but a strong commitment to Duke. Has said it would take a pretty good situation to pass on it. Someone to really follow closely.

17th round pick – Frank Pfister hit .379/.426/.590 for Emory with 14 walks and just 7 strikeouts in 161 AB’s.

18th round pick – Chris McMurray hit .312/337/.545 with just 4 walks and 27 strikeouts. Did go 6-6 in SB attempts.

19th round pick – Mace Thurman went 3-1 with a 3.18 ERA. He struck out 42 and walked 27 in 39.1 innings.

20th round pick – Tyler Stovall hit .332/.412/.513 with 25 extra base hits, 28 walks and 35 strikeouts in 261 plate appearances.

21st round pick – Theodis Bowe. Has a great name. All I can find on him right now is that he is an absolute burner with his speed.

22nd round pick – Byron Wiley struggled with his bat this year, but hit very well in his sophomore freshman years. If he returns to form could be a steal.

23rd round pick – Will Hudgens is a two sport guy, as he also played QB for Memphis. He had an 8.12 ERA with 42 strikeouts and 27 walks in 47.1 innings.

24th round pick – Enrique Garcia has a 4.80 ERA with 60 strikeouts, 33 walks and 75 innings.

25th round pick – Raul Rodriguez didn’t pitch much in high school, but here is what is on him:
On the mound he has a clean arm action, arm works, good arm speed, live arm, ball jumps out of hand, downhill plane, solid 11/5 CB, good comand of CH, and is very projectable.

26th round pick – Mike Bohana posted a 5.28 ERA, 51 strikeouts, 29 walks and saved 6 games in 44.1 innings.

27th round pick – Matthew Stiffler, Steve’s little brother (kidding) hit .354/430/.669 with 37 walks, 29 strikeouts and 7 steals.

29th round pick – Ben Hunter, Moeller graduate struck out 82 and walked 36 in 86.1 innings.

30th round pick – Juan Carlos Sulbaran has an 89-92 MPH fastball that has some tailing action on it. Watching his mechanics his arm action seems clean, but it doesn’t look like he uses very good tempo to the plate. I think he could get a bit more velocity out of his body.

31st round pick – Joey Housey throws good offspeed stuff. The scouting video has old footage and the newer stuff the gun is acting weird. Will try to track down more.

32nd round pick – Justin Freeman went 4-3 with a 3.23 ERA, 56 strikeouts, 16 walks and allowed just 2 HR in 47.1 innings. Also the second player taken from Kennesaw State, joining 26th rounder Mike Bohana.

33rd round pick – Taylor Wrenn is a solid line drive hitter with good bat speed and a strong arm on the infield. He is the son of a pro scout.

34th round pick – Bryan Gardner struck out 62 batters and walked 22 while posting a 1.62 ERA in 33 innings. Its a D-3 school, but man those are disgustingly nice numbers in the strikeout department.

35th round pick – Matt Fairel is a draft eligible sophomore. He went 11-2 for the FSU Seminoles last year with a 3.67 ERA, 91 strikeouts, 38 walks and 5 HR in 98 innings. He has a 90-95 MPH fastball and a good curveball. Why is he available here unless he isn’t signing?

36th round pick – Erik Gregersen struck out 62 and walked 39 batters in 69.1 innings and posted a 7.53 ERA.

37th round pick – Randall Linebuagh struck out 33 and walked 20 in 37.1 innings while posting an ERA of 6.27.

38th round pick – Ricky Bowen struck out 64 and walked 42 in 73.1 innings and posted a 7.61 ERA

39th round pick – Michael Konstanty hit .295/.403/.591 with 13 HR, 26 walks and 49 strikeouts.

40th round pick – Dave Peterson was said to be ready to go pro and was projected as a top 7 round talent but lasted until the 40th. He throws a fastball (88-91), strong slider and a change up. Struck out 142 and walked 15 in 90 innings. Will he sign and will the Reds go over slot to sign him?

41st round pick – Justin Walker struck out 39 and walked just 7 batters in 65 innings pitched and posted a 4.85 ERA.

42nd round pick – Benson Merritt plays for the Junior National Team of Canada. He has a scholarship to college however. Decent fastball, splitter, circle change and a knuckle curve.

44th round pick – Kevin Coddington hit .300/.391/.429 last year with 27 walks and just 14 strikeouts.

45th round pick – Grant Hogue hit .320 with 21 walks, 28 strikeouts and 25 steals last year.

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