I took this idea from ProjectProspect.com, who you should be reading every week.

2009 Stats (Billings only)

Name D.D Gregorius
AVG/OBP/SLG .314/.363/.387
Born 2/18/1990 Walk Rate 5.3%
Height 6’1? Strikeout Rate 12.0%
Weight 160 Isolated Power .073
B/T L/R Steals 8

We have several videos to look at today for Gregorius.

Behind Home Plate View

3B Side View

My thoughts

At his point he clearly needs to put on a little weight. Of course he is just 19 years old so that should happen naturally over the next three years. With that weight and his bat speed, I think his power will come around some. Not sure how much power he can add, but I think he can be over the .100 isolated power level for sure.

What do you guys see that you like or don’t like with his swing?

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