Earlier this week Hunter Greene was ejected from his start in the 3rd inning. The incident, which we covered here, was a bit confusing. Greene had just given up his third home run of the game. The next batter, who had homered earlier in the game, had a 102 MPH fastball go behind him at roughly thigh height. He took some exception to it, as did the Gwinnett dugout, who began chirping. Stripers catcher Ryan Casteel apparently chirped too much because he was ejected from the game.

At that point the umpires got together halfway up the first base line. After discussing things for a minute they turned around and ejected Hunter Greene from the game. It was impossible to see if this was because Greene said something back to the dugout or if the umpires during their meeting determined the pitch was on purpose – the camera at the time was not on either Greene or the umpires. Once Greene was ejected Louisville manager Pat Kelly stormed onto the field to try and figure out why his pitcher was tossed from the game, and it didn’t last long before he was also ejected.

Today Greene was placed on the suspended list for three games. While there’s no designation for why it’s almost assuredly due to this incident.

Greene, who last pitched on Tuesday, would have been scheduled to pitch again Sunday. Now the earliest he will be eligible to get back on the mound will be Wednesday.

Allan Cerda remains hot in Daytona

Allan Cerda missed a month before returning to the lineup with Daytona on July 9th. He went 0-the week when he returned. But since July 17th he’s been crushing the ball for the Tortugas. In the 29 games played since that day began he’s hit .330/.441/.699 with 7 doubles, 2 triples, 9 home runs, 15 walks, he’s been hit by 7 pitches, and he’s struck out 38 times in 127 plate appearances.

Mark Kolozsvary: Trash Panda Destroyer

I wrote about this on Patreon in the nightly rundown, but it’s too good to not share here, too. Mark Kolozsvary is obliterating the baseball this season when he’s facing the Rocket City Trash Pandas. He’s hit .378/.549/.919 with five homers against them this season. Against every other team in the league combined he’s hitting .183/.254/.279 with one home run.

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