It was a big week for Noelvi Marte and the Chattanooga Lookouts infielder is now going to be getting some hardware to prove it after being named the Southern League Player of the Week. He joins Matt McLain, who was named International League Player of the Week, as Cincinnati Reds prospects getting recognition for their performance in the first week of May.

Noelvi Marte entered last week’s series against the Birmingham Barons riding a 5-game on-base streak. That streak extended to 11 games by the time the series was over as Marte picked up a hit in each game and also walked twice during the series. He would have 2-hit games in each of the final four games. Marte would also hit a walk-off home run on May 5th for the Lookouts. It was his 3rd home run in the series – and he would hit a 4th in Sunday’s finale.

All told, Noelvi Marte hit .417/.482/.958 against Birmingham on the week. Half of his 10 hits went for extra-base hits as he added in a double with his four homers. Marte didn’t drive a run in during the first game of the series, but then drove in at least one run in the next five and drove in 11 during the series.

The season got out to a slow start for Marte in the first two weeks. He went 9-49 (.184) with a double, triple, and a home run. He had struck out in 27% of his plate appearances in that stretch. But over the last two weeks he’s really turned things around and has locked in. From April 22nd through today he’s gone 19-52 with three doubles, four home runs, five walks, and eight strikeouts. He’s hit .365/.424/.654 in 13 games and his strikeout rate in that span is just 14%. That’s helped push his season line to .277/.357/.485 in 115 plate appearances.

Here are the other Players of the Week this season from the farm system:

  • Andrew Abbott – Southern League – April 10-16
  • Blake Dunn – Midwest League – April 24-30
  • Noelvi Marte – Southern League – May 1-7
  • Matt McLain – International League – May 1-7

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15 Responses

  1. AllTheHype

    The tops prospects are taking their turn. Now it’s Arroyo’s turn to get juiced for a couple weeks.

  2. Tom

    Marte seems like a durable, reliable producer. Could see him carry his career OPS from the minors to the majors.

  3. Bob

    BA just dropped him from 57 to 84 on their top 100, stating issues that there were concerns about him as a hitter. Looks like they soured on him too quickly and too early. Even when he didn’t hit for average in the AZL, his BB/K number was in a solid range. Feels like they forgot he’s always been 2 years younger than the league average

    • Zach

      The list is a list. There are so so many variables to consider from league to league. What ball they are using, what park, the minor league pitching talent, injuries, etc etc.

      IMHO if you make the list, it’s basically a watch item. 57–>84 is meaningless.

    • john

      I really think marte will be a good player for years, when we traded for him I heard alot about how he was sloppy, let his weight pile up, and basically wasn’t disciplining himself.

      He is only 21, and I suspect he will be up sometime in 2024 whether it’s opening day or in July/August.

      Same with arroyo you can almost forget about him and let him work. He is 19 and in High A, so to be fair he is super young and will develop as he plays more and lifts more.

      Castillo trade is more of equal value, but the reds have a good problem with having probably 4 capable infield prospects not including vets India and barrero.

      I think its off topic to say I hope they trade India for pitching prospects. Mclain = India 2.0 imo

      • Bdh

        Doesn’t really make sense to trade one of your most proven bats who’s controlled for another 3 1/2 seasons at the highest level for pitching prospects with the current big league roster. The rotation could already be 80% set for the next 5-7 years starting as soon as mid season this year and the roster needs 4-5 more legit bats in it now!

        You don’t need to lock him into the 2B spot but you need his bat in your lineup even if Cincinnati hits on all 4 of Elly, Marte, McLain, and CES. Bell has shown he can’t manage the 3 catcher roster very well so best to go back to 2 catchers even if it means Stephenson’s bat in the lineup less. He’s also going to platoon Fraley every chance he gets. You trade India and the only proven MLB bats you have consistently in your lineup would be Friedl and Steer (maybe Senzel unless he fizzles out). That isn’t what is needed right now.

        Split his time between 2B/LF/DH but keep his bat in your lineup as much as you can for now. If he’s not extended by the time the teenage infield group (Collier, Stewart, Arroyo, Jorge, and Balcazar) is close then maybe revisit this topic

      • Stock

        I am not against trading India at all. It depends upon the price. If the Dodgers decide Vargas or Peralta are not very good a deal for three of Cartaya, Bobby Miller, Pages or Stone would work for me

      • Tom

        India is an odd trade piece. Not sure what position players fetch with so much pitching having been the focus of trades. I’d rather sign him through 32 years old on a good team deal than trade him. His agent probably wouldn’t want that so I could see him playing all 6 years here if we are in contention. Then bring back a draft pick. Not a bad way to max a players value during an open window.

  4. DaveCT

    Even when Marte wasn’t hitting very well earlier this season, he looked confident and put together decent at bats. The power also looks like it’s for real (the homer to CF recently was hammered). My impression of Marte is that he’s a very good professional hitter. He looks fine at 3B and, while SS may not be a great home for him, playing him there while Jose Torres is out doesn’t hurt him. Second tier guys like McGarry and Northcut will have to adjust short term to having Marte at 3B and share 1B, while Quintana will have to wait his turn until Marte goes up. Ivan Johnson has not looked good at all, and is also out. So far, so good for Noelvi

  5. Stock

    EDLC has now hit the hardest ball in baseball this year, majors or minors.

    • Stock

      Right handed: 2B 118+
      Left handed: HR 117+

      Doug has something to write about tomorrow.

    • Stock

      Another update

      AB 1: Double 118+
      AB2: Home Run 117+
      AB3: Home Run 117+

      EDLC has done something tonight no one has ever accomplished before (hit 3 balls 117+ in a single game).

      Only Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have done this twice in a game before.

      • Zach

        Wow if that’s true! Not saying you’re lying but it’s almost unbelievable.

  6. MBS

    What a night for EDLC! McLain and Robinson just flat getting it done.